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Dark Gods of Chaos Issue #1
Art by Susana Cervantes | Written by Joy Kaletta

Story Synopsis: After the Dark Gods of Chaos left Valinea in ruins, Valinea's young queen Justine "Justice" Aldine disappeared for many years. When she reappears, she meets her childhood friend Terrazz and informs him that she knows of a way to restore Valinea to it's former glory. But before she can do that she needs to repay a debt she has with the Gods of Light sending Justice down a road of struggle and redemption.

Price: $5.00 $4.00
For Sale Online At: IndyPlanet Limited Time!
Release Date: June 2010

Product Information:

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

This issue of Dark Gods of Chaos was drawn by Susana Cervantes. This is the only issue for sale with two chapters of goodness from this artist. The price was originally $5, but recently drop to $4. This issue will be sold until the new issue of Dark Gods of Chaos comes out with the new artist. So the sooner you buy your copy the better. Because times running out to get your hands on this copy with this artist.

Dark Gods of Chaos Issue #1 TM and Copyright 2010 Joy Kaletta & Susana Cervantes. All rights reserved.