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Terrazz - Lines
Terrazz - Lines

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Dark Gods of Chaos

After the Dark Gods of Chaos left Valinea in ruins, Valinea�s young queen Justine �Justice� Aldine disappeared for many years. When she reappears, she meets her childhood friend Terrazz and informs him that she knows of a way to restore Valinea to it's former glory. But before she can do that she needs to repay a debt she has with the Gods of Light sending Justice down a road of struggle and redemption.


Dark Gods of Chaos Relaunch

I'm very happy to announce the relaunch of the comic Dark Gods of Chaos!

Dark Gods of Chaos has a new artist William Wertman @ who will be doing the main drawing. I, Joy Kaletta @ will be doing the coloring for the series.

William has most of the character design done and is working on the finals right now. We have the first one of Justice done at [link]

I have also updated the Dark Gods of Chaos deviantART page gallery as well and made folders for all the old artwork at

More updates to come soon.

Joy Kaletta

Dark Gods of Chaos and all other content TM and copyright 2011 Joy Kaletta & William Wertman.

posted by redsun @ March 9th, 2011, 11:17 pm  -  0 comments

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